Safe trade fair

Access to the site

    The following rules must be complied with to access the site:

  • You must access with your previously purchased ticket.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask (without valve). The mask may not be removed during the time you are inside the enclosure.
  • The minimum safety distance criterion must be met. For this purpose we implement queue management and crowd control mechanisms with signage on the floor, ground, overhead and staff support.
  • Use of hydroalcohol gel

Inside the venue

    Once you have entered the venue, you must comply with the following safety rules:

  • Keep your distance: do not forget to maintain a safety distance of 1.5m from other people.
  • Reduced capacity: Respect the capacity that we indicate at certain points of your visit, this measure is implemented to control and ensure the separation of people.
  • No hands, no contact: We encourage a no-contact policy for attendees and suppliers.
  • Follow directions: Heed the recommendations of IFEMA MADRID staff and the indications that will appear on signage and screens.

Sanitary measures

  • Health Protocols: detection of body temperature, respecting Data Protection, Protocol for action in case of detection of an affected person, Unit specialized in immunology and epidemiology in contact with the authorities and health services.
  • Security, Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols: disinfection dispensers, screens and security measures in reception areas, reinforcement of cleaning protocols and services, sanitization, waste disposal and disinfection of spaces.
  • Cleaning and disinfection protocol for exhibitors and visitors.
  • Catering will be organized in accordance with sanitary standards.

All COVID-19 prevention measures, approved by IFEMA MADRID, will be respected. You can consult them in the following QR code.

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