Navarra Day - Reyno Gourmet

The Day of Navarra will present products and activities that will revolve around the region under the seal of Guaranteed Natural Quality, Reyno Gourmet, a brand created in 2007 by the Government of Navarra that covers agri-food products with quality certification. Reyno Gourmet brings together 7 Protected Designations of Origin, 6 Protected Geographical Indications, Organic Foods and 2 other regional quality certifications, Artisans of Navarra and Integrated Production.

Cheeses, wines and, of course, pacharán. All of them will be present in the Day of Navarra, a space where you can enjoy wine with Designation of Origin Navarra: Garnacha tres colores, Pacharán Navarro, Idiazábal cheese and a tasting of D.O.P. Aceite de Navarra.

The Cesal Gastronomia Social Stage, where the event will be held, will witness the special tribute to Pedro Larumbe, Navarrese chef, for his extensive professional career. In addition to celebrating the XL anniversary of the Roncal Cheese DOP by Joanna Artieda.

Activity program

11:00-11:45h. Wine tasting D.O. Navarra: Garnacha en tres colores.

12:00-12:45h. Queso Idiazábal Tasting : La Danza del Queso (Mulixka Dantza Taldea)

13:00-14:30h. Pedro Larumbe tribute.

15:30-16:30h. Pacharán Navarro Tasting with Adrián Subía, IGP Pacharán Navarro President.

17:00h. - XL aniversary of DOP Queso Roncal, with Joanna Artieda.

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