Canada Day

Canada has a special presence in this 34th edition of Salón Gourmets. A regular exhibitor, this year brings such a quantity and variety of products, show cookings, presentations and videos that celebrating the Day of Canada became an unavoidable need, Tuesday 31st of March is the chosen date. Among all these products, extra attention should be paid to the Canadian Beef, under the title “the great unknown”, the objective of several activities is to put the focus on this quality product.

An informative presentation and a video explain the qualities of this excellent meat that comes from family farms where cattle is breed freely in large meadows. Well known cooks enhance the value of this product as well as other typically Canadian such as lobsters, scallops and maple syrup, performing show cookings to reveal their possibilities and new recipes.

Activity Program:

Tuesday 16

12:00 Official Presentation of Canadian Beef: with the ambassador, Mathew Levin, Mathieu Paré, Executive Director Canada Beef and the collaboration of El Encinar de Humienta.

13.00 Show Cooking Joaquin Felipe

15.30 Show cooking with scallops, lobster. Charo Val

16.30 Show Cooking with Julius Bienert, we know the differents applications of the maple syrup and ice wine.

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