The Best Iberian Montado in Spanish Gastronomy by Arturo Sánchez and Berkel

  • Exhibitor: ARTURO SÁNCHEZ
  • Date: Monday, April 22, 2024
  • Time: 15:00 PM - 19:00 PM
  • Pab: 4
  • Location: Hall Gourmets - 4 F50

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The prestigious Italian slicer firm Berkel, and the Salamanca brand Arturo Sánchez are looking for the "Best Iberian Gourmet Montado of Spanish Gastronomy 2024" at the 37th Salon Gourmets.

The first edition of this championship will pit six contestants against each other, who will have to offer their best creations with fresh and cured Arturo Sánchez ibéricos cut with Berkel's mastery. The competition will have two sessions, the first in which the participants will have to prepare 7 cold montados in 20 minutes and the second session, the hot montados, in which they will have 30 minutes to prepare another 7 montados.

In addition, they will have to demonstrate their skills with the Berkel Volano slicing machine, with which they will have to cut the products of their choice to create their montados.

A jury of professionals will closely monitor the entire process, taking into account aspects such as creativity and originality, the speed with which they create their montados and the flavour of the ingredients used.

The best montado in each category, hot and cold, will become the Best of Spain and will each receive a prize of 800 €.

The jury for this edition is composed of:
  • Elena Arzak Chef Restaurante Arzak
  • Alberto Zapata Director de Dichosa Cocina en RNE
  • Juanjo López Bedmar La Tasquita de Enfrente
  • Borja Beneyto Creador del Blog “Cuaderno Matoses”
  • Alejandra Ansón Consultora Gastronómica Ansón & Bonet
  • Carlos Valentí Hermanos Vinagre