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Numanthia / Termanthia Anniversary Wine Tasting

  • Exhibitor: GRUPO GOURMETS
  • Sector: VINOS
  • Date: Thursday, April 20, 2023
  • Time: 13:00 PM - 14:00 PM
  • Pab: 7
  • Location: Plató Gourmets - 7A07

On the banks of the Duero River, in the Spanish province of Zamora, lies the wine region of Toro, where the Numanthia Winery is located.

Created in 1998, it has a unique viticultural heritage. Its Tinta de Toro vineyards are among the oldest in the world, between 30 and 200 years old, and give rise to two iconic wines: Numanthia and Termanthia.

In this vertical menu, attendees will be able to discover from the hand of Lucas Löwi, General Manager, and Jesús Jiménez, Technical Director, some of the winery's oenological jewels such as:

  • Numanthia 1998
  • Numanthia 2008
  • Numanthia 2018
  • Termanthia 2000
  • Termanthia 2010
  • Termanthia 2015


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