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GourmeTapa by Fuentes

  • Exhibitor: GRUPO GOURMETS
  • Sector: PESCADOS
  • Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2023
  • Time: 15:00 PM - 19:00 PM
  • Pab: 8
  • Location: Gourmets Auditorium - 8E50

Contest Rules 

Salón Gourmets and Fuentes are organising GourmeTapa by Fuentes, the first championship of tapas made with bluefin tuna from this Murcian company, which is a pioneer in Europe in the farming and marketing of this tuna, a world leader in exports with more than 85% of its production destined for countries such as Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Malta, Italy and Tunisia.

The stage of the Gourmets Auditorium will host this championship on Wednesday 19 April, in which 12 participants will demonstrate what they are capable of doing with the quality of Fuentes tuna when preparing their tapas, either with the finest cuts of tuna or with less popular ones such as parpatana, carrillera, morrillo or osso buco.

Each participant will have 30 minutes to prepare 10 equal tapas whose main ingredient is bluefin tuna from Fuentes. The tapas must be quick to prepare, can be made at a bar and can be eaten in one or two mouthfuls. The jury, made up of professionals from the sector, will evaluate aspects such as flavour, originality, presentation and the commercial application of the tapa.The winner will receive €2,000, the runner-up €1,000 and the rest of the participants a diploma, as well as a gift of Fuentes products.


  • 1º: Jose Antonio Guerrero Juan- Restaurante Aquarium Port- Ciutadella- Menorca. Tapa: Japotaco de atún
  • 2º: Ángel González Riera- Restaurante Hacienda La Llorea- Gijón- Asturias. Tapa: Bikini de Atún Rojo Fuentes


  • Javier Caballero- Periodista gastronómico
  • Alberto Granados- Director revista Gastroplanet
  • Carlos Valentí- Chef Restaurante Hermanos Vinagre
  • Joaquín Felipe- Chef Restaurante Atocha 107
  • Jesús Santamaría- Chef Restaurante Bokado- Jury,s president
  • Francisco Sánchez-Luengo- Fuentes El Atún Rojo
  • Jose Miguel Serrano- Gerente de Comimport


  • Jon de Miguel Estívariz- Restaurante Atabaka Jatetxea- Vitoria-Álava. Tapa: Mar de Laia
  • Jose Antonio Guerrero Juan- Restaurante Aquarium Port- Ciutadella- Menorca. Tapa: Japotaco de atún
  • Alberto Ceular Martínez- Bodegas Trasmallo y Marengo Brasserie- Córdoba. Tapa: Niguiri de atún
  • Antonio Martínez Bleda- Restaurante Frontera-Tobarra- Albacete. Tapa: Cococha de atún rojo de Cartagena con membrillos y carlotas
  • Silvia Penalva García- Restaurante Cocina 34- Mallorca. Tapa: Tronco de atún
  • Jesús Iván Anaya Gómez- Restaurante El Mirador de La Mancha- Malagón-Ciudad Real. Tapa: Marmi-Taco
  • Fco. Javier Navarro Santiago- Restaurante Concierto Sentido- Mazarrón- Murcia. Tapa: Me sabe a México
  • César Mogollón Eugenio- Restaurante Ambivium- Valladolid. Tapa: Talo de atún rojo y txuleta
  • Fernando Viñuela García- Restaurante Mamaguaja- Gijón-Asturias. Tapa: Galete
  • Antonio Bong Xu Castro- Restaurante Natur & Sushi Gastro Gourmet- Villanueva de la Cañada- Madrid. Tapa: Maguro Tartufato
  • Damián Ríos Ladrón de Guevara- Restaurante DeAtún- Madrid. Tapa: Pasión de atún rojo
  • Ángel González Riera- Restaurante Hacienda La Llorea- Gijón- Asturias. Tapa: Bikini de Atún Rojo Fuentes


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