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Cider Pouring World Championship / Cider of Asturias


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For the first time, the Salón Gourmets will host the World Cider Pouring Championship / Asturias Gourmets Cider, sponsored by Alimentos del Paraíso Natural. An event that will bring together 24 contestants from all over Spain who will have to demonstrate, in front of a prestigious jury of experts, their technique, style, speed and cleanliness when pouring a cider.

Asturian cider is a symbol of the region's identity and apples are one of its most characteristic fruits. The quality of the 76 varieties of cider apple trees grown in Asturias, together with the skill and precision of the pouring process, make this technique known throughout the world.

The 'escanciado' technique, or 'the intention of simulating the action of "espichar" the barrel in the cider press', helps to awaken the carbon dioxide which leads to the cider reaching the maximum freshness of its flavour. The 'escanciador' should adopt an upright posture, with the bottle above the head and the glass tilted below the waist, in the centre of the body, so that the spurt should fall straight down to the rim of the glass. The resulting 'culete' should be around 100 ml and should be drunk immediately after pouring to enjoy the taste of the bubbles that have been vitalised by pouring.

Experts in the sector and food critics, among others, will be in charge of evaluating all these aspects on 18 April during the Salón Gourmets and deciding who will be the best "escanciador" in the world.

Experts from the sector and gastronomic critics, among others, will be in charge of evaluating different aspects: Jury nº1 will assess the crushing and the delivery of the glass, jury nº2 will look at the bottle and the glass and jury nº3 will take into account the posture when pouring the cider. The contestant who manages to overcome all these aspects will become, on 18th April, the best cider pourer in the world of Asturian cider. 

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