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12th Club Gourmets Magazine Awards

  • Exhibitor: GRUPO GOURMETS
  • Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2023
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Pab: 6
  • Location: Gourmets Stage - 6A26

Club de Gourmets, the leading magazine in Spanish gastronomy, opens a space anually for the readers to value the most relevant professionals within the gastronomic, winery world, as well as restaurants and media, among other categories. Since 1976, Grupo Gourmets, through its publications, specially Gourmetour edited along 30 years, has established a bridge between the gastronomic world and its users for them to value the most prestigious chefs, both national and international, famous restaurants, winemakers and sommeliers.


The winners of the 12th edition have been:

Best restaurant:

Restaurante Kraken Art&Food (Gijón-Asturias)

Best chef

Pablo Vega, Restaurante Ménade (Vélez, Málaga)

Best maître: (ex – aequo)

Cristina Socorro, Restaurante La Antxoeta Art Restaurant (Málaga)

Cristina Díaz, Restaurante Maralba (Almansa, Albacete)

Best sommelier:

Agustín Trapero, Four Seasons Hotel Madrid

Best shop:

Quesería Cultivo (Madrid)

Best hotel:

Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid

Best communicator:

La Gaceta del Vino

Best entry or institution:

Sabor a Málaga

Best book:

El Arte del Maridaje. Reflexiones imperfectas de la asociación entre comida y bebida. Javier Campos González.Círculo Rojo Editorial.

Best product:

Ginebra Cannagin Premium (Córdoba)

Best distinction:

Martín Berasategui

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