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Raspberry Liqueur

Pink with slight violet layers.

Clean and fruity aroma.

Fresh raspberry flavour with notes of strawberry and orange, with a jam finish.

50cl - 24%vol

La Vieja Licorería is a Liquor Manufacturer established in 2002 and based in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

We are dedicated to the artisan elaboration of Premium liqueurs aimed at the gourmet sector. 

We use traditional production methods and the raw material used is organic and natural, without any type of articial additive. 

Our intention has always been to stop time around a glass of liqueur, bottling also emotions, memory,… 

At La Vieja Licorería we have always been very aware of the slow dripping of time on our liqueurs. The alcohol and wine spirits embrace during long months the fresh fruits, herbs, spices, in transparent crystal demijohns. 

We do not use any harmful industrial methods that disrupt environment. 

We use traditional methods to make liqueurs that contain authentic tastes and aromas, true to those that we keep in our memory: freshly-picked mint straight from the garden, an orange peeled with bare hands, the taste of perfect cherries… 

La Vieja Licorería: Premium Liqueurs with their own identity.

Innovation Finalist Award Salón Gourmets 2021 Tobacco Liqueur

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