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Umbrian Paté 200g

  • Exhibitor: LA MADIA REGALE
  • Brand name: La Madia Regale
  • Sector: OTRAS SALSAS
  • Innovation Area
Ideal Paté to be used for croutons and appetizers.
Our products rise in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. They are selected, cooked and preserved with the traditional care and passion. Athenor is currently organized on different production lines: food service, retail products, products for third parties. The main traditional production lines are: BLACK TRUFFLE, WHITE TRUFFLE, PORCINI MUSHROOMS, VEGETABLE PATÉS, SAUCES and RAGU', CROSTINI (Patés), CHEESE ACCOMPANIMENTS (Compotes and Jellies), JAMS, FLAVORED OILS. Among the new lines we have: ORGANIC, VEGAN and READY MEALS products. To have further information of our Company and to have a look on our products, we suggest you to visit our website

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