Spanish Pizza Championship Gourmet by Magma from Cabreiroá

  • Exhibitor: GRUPO GOURMETS
  • Date: Monday, April 25, 2022
  • Time: 12:00 PM - 15:00 PM
  • Pab: 8
  • Location: PIZZA STAGE 8 A30

Pizza Championship Rules  Gluten Free Pizza Rules  Acrobatics Pizza Rules 


The Spanish Gourmet Pizza Championship by Magma Cabreiroá is held for the first time in Spain by Jesús Marquina together with AEPA (Spanish Association of Artisan Pizza Makers) and Grupo Gourmets. Jesús Marquina, known as "Il Doctore Marquineti", 5 times world champion and ambassador of Pizza in Spain for the API (Association of Italian Pizzerias), will inaugurate the championship, which will include masterclasses, acrobatic exhibitions and a whole competition around the 5 modalities of the championship, whose winners will represent Spain at the next Campionato Mondiale della Pizza to be held in Parma, Italy.


Classic Pizza:

The best known and most consumed pizza in the world. Round, thin, crispy on the outside and spongy on the inside.

Pizza Pala:

The heaviest pizza, baked directly on the stone. Elongated in shape, it takes its name from the utensil (shovel) used to remove it from the oven.

Pizza Taglio:

Or pizza al corte, square, baked on a metal tray, cut at will with scissors.

Gluten-free pizza:

The most complicated type due to the nature of the flours.


The place for fun and spectacle, where the mastery aerating the dough is measured.


In view of the expectation aroused by this first championship in Spain sponsored by Magma, Cabreiroá water of carbonated origin; Negrini / Robo, the main importer and distributor of Italian food and wine, who offers its exclusive tomato for the pizza base; Albe, the Madrid-based manufacturer of dairy products, among which mozzarella stands out, has also wanted to join in by providing this cheese, a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of a good pizza and 5 Stagioni, a leading company in the production of top quality flour, will offer the contestants its wide variety of wheat flours for those who make their dough "in situ".


Gluten-Free Category Winner:

José Manuel Vallejo

Lemon Food

(Melegís, Granada)


Pizza Shovel Category Winner:

Daniele Conté

Sorsi e Morsi


Taglio Category Winner:

Brayan Rodríguez Amoedo

Kilómetros de Pizza


Classic Category Winner:

Alessandro Damiano

La Fabbrica della Pizza

(Jávea, Alicante)


Acrobatic Category Winner:

Francis Tolu

Venecia Pizzeria-Restaurant

(Alginet, Valencia)



Monday 25th April

12.00h: Presentation of the Championship and Inauguration.

13.00h- 15.30h: "Flours, hydrations and fermentations". Masterclass by Jesús Marquina in collaboration with 5 Stagioni.

15.30h-16.00h: Acrobatic pizza exhibition.

16.00h- 16.45h: "Dairy products in the pizza" by Albe.

16.45h- 17.30h: "The ingredients of pizza", masterclass by Gustavo Marquina in collaboration with Negrini.

17.30h-18.30h: Pizza Party


Tuesday 26th April

10.30h- 18.30h The following categories will be tested: Classic Pizza, Pizza Taglio, Pizza Pala, Gluten Free.


Wednesday 27th April

10.30h- 18.30h The following categories will be held: Classic Pizza, Pizza Taglio, Pizza Pala and Gluten Free.


Thursday 28th April

11.00h: "Gluten Free Pizza. Flours and processes", Gluten Free talk by Rocío Marquina.

12.00h: Acrobatics Championship.

13.00h: Acrobatic Exhibition.

14.00h: Prize-giving ceremony of the Spanish Gourmet Pizza Championship by Magma de Cabreiroá.