Beer-Pouring Contest Estrella Galicia National Final


This national grand final brings together the various champions of the regional competitions, making it a beer pulling championship of the highest level. The participants, who have already demonstrated their knowledge, skills and nerves of steel in past editions of their local competitions, will compete on this occasion to decide who will be the new national champion.

The jury will be composed of members of the Hijos de Rivera Beer Culture department and professional brewers, hoteliers and gourmets selected according to the criteria of professionalism and experience established internally by Estrella Galicia.

Gustavo Rey Ábalo of Cervecería O Encontro in Ribadumia (Pontevedra) was proclaimed Champion of Champions after demonstrating to the jury his knowledge, skills and nerves of steel when pulling a beer.

Miguel Pampín from Cafetería Ramallosa in Ramallosa (Pontevedra) was runner-up.

Jury's runner-up prizes: Fernando de la Hoz of El Raso in Collado Villalba (Madrid), Fátima Coello of Finca Montesqueiro in A Coruña and Carlos Valdivieso of Valdivieso in Madrid.

Contestants of this edition:

Jaume Miquel Gual Gonzalez

Fátima Coello Mariña 

Rubén Robles Maldonado

Imar Vera Escorihuela 

Oscar Federico Domínguez Peñato

Jorge Rupidera Pereira

Miguel Pampín García 

Jose Javier Carrera Corujeira

Carolina Belén Gea

Isaac Ignacio Villarroel López

Gustavo Rey Abalo 


Tuesday, April 26 from 10:30 h. to 13:00 h. (Espacio Estrella Galicia Pavilion 4, 4A20)


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