14 Spanish Écailleurs / Sorlut / Grupo Gourmets Oyster Opener Championship

  • Exhibitor: GRUPO GOURMETS
  • Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2022
  • Time: 13:30 PM - 15:30 PM
  • Pab: 6
  • Location: Gourmets Stage - 6A26

Contest Rules

A unique competition where contestants prove their mastery at manually opening 30 oysters in the shortest time. The contest at the 14 edition, sponsored by the French oyster company Daniel Sorlut, is aimed to professional oyster shuckers who practice their activity in Spain. The jury awards points for the opening technique, neatness, speed, skill and presentation while penalizes the presence of nacre and total or partial breakings. A bleeding wound in a contestant means the immediate disqualification.

The winner will receive a prize of €600 and a Diploma accrediting him/her as as "Best Oyster Opener of Spain 2022".


First Prize

Yosouf Khay Khalil

Mercado San Miguel Ostras Sorlut



Second Prize

Yolanda Amores

Envero Gastro Wine



Third Prize

Adrián Plazas

Mercat de L'Olivar

(Palma de Mallorca)


Luis Cepeda, Gastronomicom

El Invernadero de los Peñotes Restaurant

Óscar Caballero, Club de Gourmets Journalist, La Vanguardia y Leer

Daniel Sorlut, Sorlut Oysters President 

Juan Pozuelo, Bocuse D´Or Tecnical Director / Goya Catering Theater Director

Ana Lorente, A Punto Bookstore

Jury of honor: Marina Castaño, Journalist, La Razón newspaper columnist / Antena 3 TV newsreader

Selected Contestants:

Yohanna Karlek Zerpa Arteaga, San Martín´s Market (Málaga)

Mario Sergio Martínez González, Carbón Negro Restaurant, (Madrid)

Yolanda Amores SierraEnvero Gastro Wine, (Zaragoza)

Yosouf Khay Khalil, San Miguel´s Market Ostras Sorlut (Madrid)

Verónica Arellano Álvarez, La Medusa Oyster Bar (Málaga)

Alexis José Zerpa Arteaga, San Martin´s Market (Málaga)

Adrián Plazas Torrens, Mercat de L’olivar (Islas Baleares)