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Biscuits Without Gluten, Without Lactose or P.L.V. great variety

Biscuits , like those of our grandmothers but without Gluten < 5 PPM, without Lactose or MILK Protein, individually packed. Ideal for children, who see their friends eating cupcakes and in this way they can also enjoy them, for flavor and texture there is no difference.

All our products are: Gluten Free (< 5 PPM), Lactose Free and MILK Protein Free. Better than Gluten-free, without the usual sweetness of Gluten-Free products. Product indicated for those mothers who don't know what to buy for their children, after having tried everything. And they end up eating it for not throwing it away, after having spent a fortune with all the enthusiasm in the world. NATURAL ECOLOGICAL AND ARTISAN PRODUCT, WITHOUT MIX

Ingredients: Organic corn starch, organic EGGS, organic sunflower oil, organic olive oil, Panela

Nutritional value per 100 g. Energy: 1840 Kj./440 kcal, Fats 23.5 g. (of which saturated 2.9 g.), Carbohydrates: 51.7 g. (of which sugars 11.2 g.), Proteins: 5.4 g., Salt: 0.02 g.


Located in Badajoz (Extremadura, ES) , the company was founded in 1936, with more than 80 years of history, and three generations of family business, at Foods FreeGlut SLU we focus on the preparation of differentiated bakery pastry specialties with great added value. .

We bring our touch to all our recipes, to make different products, products that make consumers loyal. Our specialties of cupcakes, biscuits, puff pastries, biscuits, breads and special breads stand out, all of them Gluten Free and Lactose Free. Above all, their different flavors, finishes, and textures differentiate us. "We only manufacture Gluten Free".

Our wide range of FREEGLUT breads is becoming more and more prominent, highlighting the special breads that are quite a temptation, our different puff pastries filled and crunchy with chocolate creams and vanilla cream, also whipped doughs such as our variety in traditional muffins, organic blueberries, walnuts , etc., our well-known carrot, lemon, quinoa, orange, etc. biscuits. our delicious butter cookies etc. Also important is VITAGLUT assortment of products without added sugar, among which the Magdalena variety, variety of biscuits and cookies stand out.

Our 3 main brands are FreeGlut, VitaGlut andBioGlut ecological certification (ES-ECO-671EX). We have an external quality department, as well as advice from biology technicians, which is a guarantee for our clients. And all this without forgetting the contribution in R+D+i from our experience and know-how in our food sector and, developing new Gourmet products for our clients.

We have a wide catalog of products certified with the Extremadura Quality seal "Foods from Extremadura" Exports are gradually having more and more weight in the company's sales, we currently have clients in different European countries. Our products are made without preservatives or dyes, and are also suitable for Celiacs or Gluten Intolerant and also Lactose Intolerant. They are products that have a long shelf life, most products have a preferred consumption date of between 4 and 12 months.

We make more than 200 references available to our clients, we work with a white label, among our different specialties, the classics of pastry and bakery, our integral specialties with no added sugar...

We make more than 200 references available to our clients, we also work with white labels, among our different specialties, the classics of pastry and bakery, our integral specialties with no added sugar...

We have a wide variety of packaging formats and lines of work aimed at different sales channels:

  • Unwrapped bulk (box and special catering) and wrapped bulk
  • Flowpack trays of different weights and units, from impulse formats to more familiar formats
  • Bakery blister packs of different weights
  • Special products for vending and unit sales
  • Products for impulse
  • Products for hospitality
  • 600-700 gram cases with a window and the premium version with a new image and lower weights of around 400 grams
  • bagged goods

The raw materials we use to make our sweets are exclusively natural and are products of a sustainable economy.

The baking process is carried out slowly so that the product does not lose its aromas, textures, properties, with the sponginess of our traditional sponge cakes, homemade cupcakes, Imperial Marquesas, puff pastries filled with creams, etc. Discover the taste of authentic Extremadura artisan confectionery. All our cakes are made using the artisan recipes of our grandmothers.

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