• Exhibitor: ESPORA GOURMET
  • Brand name: ESPORA GOURMET

Juice of Tuber melanosporum, from the first boling. Packed in tins or jars.

 200 ml · 400 ml

Located in Soria, Espora Gourmet is a family company whose main activity is the distribution of fresh truffles under a modified atmosphere and the elaboration of mycological gourmet products. We are two young partners, Blanca and Roberto, who left our life in Zaragoza and came back to Soria to make our project happen, which was, at the beginning the fresh truffle distribution. We have learnt this mycological world since our childhood, due to our curiosity and passion, and all the experiences collecting fresh mushrooms with our family, and this has lead us enthusiastically into this project. To achieve this, we have righteously researched and developed for years, obtaining as a result innovative products that fits properly to the demands, prices and needs detected.

The core activity in our company is RESEARCH, focused on different aspects of truffle:

1) TRUFFLE PRESERVATION: Thanks to our modified atmosphere system, that allows us to extend the organoleptic characteristics of fresh truffle.

2) TRUFFLE PROCESSING: Making innovative products, being the firts offering the Black Truffle Pearls, also called Truffle Caviar, or the Sweet Butter with Truffle.

3) GROWTH OF TRUFFLE: Study of the cultivation and the development of the truffle through our experimental property sited at NATURA 2000 network.


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