Dragee made up of a core of whole freeze-dried natural raspberry covered with white chocolate and yoghurt coating, sprinkled with raspberry powder.

In 1961, Ricardo Coloma García acquired the (registered) brand and machinery from 1780 Eliseo Miquel, an artisan who sold nougat at fairs. With this little machinery, the firm COLOMA GARCIA, S.L. is created. The company began, first, with the manufacture of artisan nougat and sweets for the Christmas season. Sales would occur at the provincial level.

 In later years, the manufacture of confectionery products and derivatives for ice cream parlors, such as Liquid Nougat, would be incorporated, thus achieving a continuous line of work throughout the year, the Christmas season and the summer season. From the beginning, we have always tried to maintain the same line of work oriented to the quality of the product, as well as the artisan method of its manufacture, according to Jijonecas customs.

Being a family business, the line of work has always been to offer a high quality product with unbeatable high quality raw materials, which can give our customers full confidence in us and in our products, for many years.

Our most famous products throughout the national territory are our specialties: Turrón de Jijona y Turrón de Alicante.