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Zamburiñas (Queen Scallops) in Scallop Sauce "Herencia del Mar"

  • Exhibitor: BODEGAS VEGAMAR
  • Brand name: Herencia del Mar

Sourced from the Galician Rias. Average to large-size zamburiñas fished solely in season. 

Packed exclusively by hand according to size and homogeneity of the pieces. 

The purging and cleaning process of the zamburiñas is done artisanally to guarantee that they do not contain any trace of sand. 

The sauce is prepared from a home-made, artisanal recipe with natural, non-concentrated ingredients which “pair well” with zamburiñas. 

Each tin contains 10 to 14 pieces. 

Net Weight: 115 gr. per tin.

We are a family winery where we promote the native Valencian varieties (MERSEGUERA & GARNACHA) and produce wines with a sense of our place and origin. We are located in Alto Turia, at 600 meters altitude in a natural area cataloged "Alto Turia Biosphere Reserve". " by UNESCO and without having another winery in 30 km around. Privileged conditions that endow the crop with the benefits of the Atlantic climate but with a marked Mediterranean influence. We have the IFS A + certification, the most recognized European certificate on food safety, which gives an idea of ??our concern for professionalism and a job well done. Night Harvest, 100% own production, traditional viticulture and the latest technologies in our facilities.

Premium Handcrafted Spirits: Gin City Valencia (6 distillations), Gin City London (5 distillations), Ron Gran Añejo BOCA AND WATERFALL (Dominican Agricola Rum), MILL ROOM Scotch Whisky, Patxarán Navarro TITO REY, Rum BÜCCAM SUMMUM Special Reserve.

Vegamar Gourmet, we produce the highest quality Spanish foods you can find on the market: Iberico meats, Cheeses, Herencia de la Tierra (preserved vegetables), Herencia del Mar (preserved fish and shellfish), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, ... and much more to discover ... to cover all customer needs and awaken the senses

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