Barbudo Radikal Wines. Wine from extreme vineyards.

Barbudo Radikal Wines. Extreme wine for Millennial people. Very far for the traditional ribera wine. Procesing in reducction without protocol procesing. Grapes from highland scapes. 

Bodegas Palacio de Lerma, is located in Lerma (Burgos) belonging to the D.O. Arlanza. We want you to know the philosophy of Ramiro Garcia, manager and producer of the winery through his project "Forgotten Treasures" Through this project we recover ancestral vineyards.

We take care of them and with sustainable agriculture we take care of them to produce the usual grape. They are true treasures, they contain different varieties of grapes mixed from centuries-old vines, goblet vineyards with irregular lines and very limited production.

From these vineyards, which are in production limit areas, highlands, areas surrounded by mountains and nature, we take the grapes to make our most radical wines, our Radikalwines, which are wines that want to reflect the typicity of the area in the most manifest, more radical. We make micro-vinifications of plots and extreme vineyards, high-altitude vineyards, seeking the radicality, purity and typicity of the area as an element of identity.

I want my wines to taste of the extreme landscape from which they come. Native varieties, spontaneous fermentation, vinification of less than 5,000 bottles, technology in harmony with the traditional, typicity, and minimal intervention are our hallmarks. I want unusual, extraordinary wines for minorities, more than ordinary wines that are drinkable for the majority. Wines for those who want to have an experience with living wines that change, that speak to you, that evolve... All my passion and knowledge goes to them.

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