Natural organic white wine. Macabeo

  • Exhibitor: BODEGA BALCONA
  • Brand name: MaBal Macabeo de Balcona
  • Sector: DO Bullas
  • Organic

Slow fermentation from indigenous yeasts in 600-liter French oak barrels. Subtlety, elegance and nuances in a wine where the wood is integrated and does not bother.Food Pairing:White meats , blue fish and powerful seafood. Limited production 5200 bottles.

GOLD - 90 points Gilbert & Gaillard

Family winery located in the DOP Bullas, Murcia area. We are Vinegrowers , Vignerons.

We produce natural organic wines . Sincere and fresh wines that express the diversity of soils and microclimate of the Aceniche Valley, more than 800 meters above sea level

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