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Selection of infused extra virgin olive oils with exclusive ingredients and natural flavors, with a Luxury packaging, ideal to enhace and give a sophisticated touch to your dishes.

The paack contains three bottles of olive oils in 200ml format; EVOO infused with Aestivum variety of Spanish Black Truffle, EVOO infused with Black Cocoa pods, and, EVOO with Black Garlic cloves.

Elizondo is a company that makes quality, refinement and exclusivity of extra virgin olive oil, the premises and objectives of a long history and experienced work in the sector.

Of olive production tradition that stretches back several generations, who have contributed wisdom, know-how and passion in the cultivation, development, care and harvesting of our olive trees, throughout time. This family legacy, of centenarians estates, which are dispersed by different geographical areas, along th valley of the Guadalquivir, from the Sierra de Cazorla to La Loma.

Our efforts to achieve the excellence in our olive oil, controlling personally whole process, from production to marketing.