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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Early Harvest, Arbequina

Oil with the aroma of green olives, with a balanced profile with many sweet connotations and great expression.It has a medium fruity intensity, fruit aromas such as Green Apple, green banana or grass and even multi-fruit porridge as soon as we get close to the oil.In the mouth it has a sweet entry confirming what we have tasted on the nose, with a pleasant but intense bitter and spicy.In its clean entrance we find fruit porridge with a green touch (apple, banana), alloza and other less common ones such as citrus tones.Very harmonic, elegant and surprising.

Terraverne was born in 2020 nestled at 555 meters of altitude in the town of Teba. Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual are the varieties that make up these unique high altitude EVOOs a few kilometers from the coast. In the heart of Andalusia, a few kilometers from Antequera, Marbella and Ronda, this Almazara Boutique is located in the middle of the Sea of Olivos.Conditions that allow us to offer intense and pleasant Extra Virgins under Mediterranean packaging.

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