In June 2020, in Brussels, the salt cured tuna mojama made by Salazones Garre received the Superior Taste Award 2020 with a double gold medal, the most recognized independent certification focused on flavor worldwide. The eight hundred foods and beverages from around the world that have been submitted to the prestigious International Taste Institute have been evaluated and certified in Brussels by 200 of the best chefs and sommeliers of recognized prestige, awarded with Michelin Stars and experts in taste.

An award for a product that Salazones Garre has been making by hand for 35 years, respecting the millenary tradition of salting that Phoenicians and Romans brought to the coastal areas of the Levante of the Murcia region, a process that they carry out observing the most rigorous safety regulations food and for which it has been awarded the 2019 Artisan Food award of the Murcia region.

The "ham of the sea" - as the mojama is commonly called - is one of the hallmarks of the gastronomy of our region, which shines in Murcia, the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2021, and which receives a double recognition of its flavor and quality gold medal. The objective of this contest is not only to reward those products with an excellent taste so that they obtain the visibility and prestige they deserve, but also that all producers in the world find a way to improve criteria such as the texture, smell and taste of their products. in order to satisfy the largest number of consumers.

Different international surveys carried out by the Food Information Council Foundation show that taste is the most important factor in deciding whether consumers are sticking with a product. In the latest international survey conducted in 2019, 86% of respondents stated that taste was the main reason for purchasing a product. Taking these statistics into account, it is clear that taste is one of the key aspects during the development of our products and a main criterion in the decision to place them on the market.

The 2020 awards carry the hashtag #TASTEHEROES since the evaluation procedure was carried out, despite the COVID19 pandemic. "The evaluation of the products has been carried out thanks to an exceptional jury made up of Michelin Star Chefs and Sommelier experts following the usual blind tasting protocol and, especially this year, respecting strict health and social distancing measures" Ferran Centelles, President of the jury of the International Taste Institute and Drink Manager of the Bulli Foundation, tells us.