The history of Sabores Sierra de Madrid was born out of a love for tradition and the artisan production of sausages.

Sabores Sierra de Madrid is a family business located in Colmenar Viejo, a municipality in the north of Madrid, which has been making sausages in a natural and artisanal way since 2018. A tradition that has accompanied the Garrido Ávila family since they were born thanks to the nature, fauna and livestock of the area.

The sausages of Sabores Sierra de Madrid are handmade in their factory in Colmenar Viejo, using the best pieces of the animal, 100% natural ingredients and carrying out production processes that comply with European food regulations and respect the quality of the product.

All the sausages are made with the noble pieces, mainly leg and shoulder, of the animals, such as Iberian pork, deer, roe deer, wild boar and I.G.P Sierra de Guadarrama beef, with M PRODUCTOS DE MADRID Certificate, stuffed into natural intestine.

Sabores Sierra de Madrid is truly committed to its products, guaranteeing the best quality and food safety, using the best technology to improve the production and distribution processes of its sausages.

Its good work has been awarded the ANICE 2020 "AL EMPRENDIMIENTO" prize as an entrepreneurial company in the Spanish meat industry.

We consider ourselves specialist craftsmen in cured meat products.

Our brand originated in Colmenar Viejo, our home town, where nature and livestock including cattle farms have a strong family tradition.

We maintain the same process of making our cured products that we have used for many years before comercializing them. We follow our traditional method: doing everything with patience, craft and máximum quality control.

We combine tradition, our craftsmenship, with innovation; we are pioneers in the production of cured sausages with beef from the Sierra de Guadarrama.

All our meats come from animals reared under rigorously controlled conditions concerning diet health and higiene. We select the choice cuts of these animals and use natural casings together with paprika in the preparation of our products.

Thanks to this, we ensure that our products are low in fats and have high protein and low calorie levels.

The pork loin as well as the chorizos and the fuet of all our varieties, game (deer, roe deer and wild boar) Iberian Pork and Beef Sierra de Guadarrama do not contain preservatives nor additives.They are all gluten and lactose free. Natural 100%.

Experience these different flavours and aromas of the countryside at your table.

Excellent quality cured meats

100% craftsmenship – 100% from Madrid