Red prawn carpaccio from Carboneras (Almería)

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Here Santoña is a traditional family business specialized in the elaboration, distribution and manufacture of Gourmet products such as the Red Shrimp Carpaccio from Garrucha de Carboneras (Almería), the artisanal Cantabrian Anchovy fillets from the Santoña fishing grounds (Cantabria) , meticulously cleaned by hand with tweezers among many other products of the highest quality, as is the case with the Sardine Marinada Aqui Santoña with its own style and bite that surprises all our most select customers. In addition, Here Santoña is a new model of restoration for the tasting and sale of a selection of gourmet products from the sea and the land. The customer can taste our top quality products in rich toasts, tapas or salads before buying them in the same place to taste them, or simply take them as an original gift to surprise family and friends. We currently ship our products to Belgium, Portugal, Italy, China and we are working to start shipping to Japan shortly as well. We have the necessary certifications for the export of seafood transformed to SAE 2 level, and we have sustainable fishing certificates that guarantee the quality and origin of our products.Behind our brand there are more than 20 years of experience in the sector, being present not only in our stores, but also in different surfaces and marketplace.

Sabores Almería is the Official Agrifood Brand of the province of Almería, and whose primary objective is the joint and collective promotion of agri-food and fishery products produced in the province of Almería. It is also a symbol of quality and distinction for those shops and catering, tourism and hospitality establishments that use and / or market these products in an outstanding way.