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Qantima Group was born in 2012, the result of the entrepreneurial and innovative vision of its founder, Mr. Manuel Villa, since its birth the company has offered new and innovative products year after year, anticipating global trends.

And in future years, (we anticipate you who are reading us) we will continue to innovate and surprise consumers, distributors, customers, we are constantly looking for your "WoW".

The company was formed thanks to the trajectory of its maximum shareholder, which began its journey through the world of soft drinks and spirits in 1994, after being in several prestigious companies, decided in 2012 to launch an innovative gin together with A friend, accidentally and as a hobby, created Sikkim Gin.

The idea was to develop a high-level gin, made in small batches, regardless of the benefits, and thinking, they came to the conclusion of distilling it with the second best-selling drink in the world , the tea.After months of work, they got the perfect formula, with it they have won numerous international awards, the first bottles marketed in the world of Sikkim Gin were on July 25, 2012 at 12:00 in the morning.

But by pure chance they launched an annexed formula of the first with black blueberry and blackberry juice, called "Bilberry", this variety of Sikkim quickly made the brand known internationally. Inadvertently, they discovered the way, others would stop, however, continued to innovate and developed the world's first strawberry gin Sikkim Fraise, after months of trial - error, they found the flavor they were looking for a gin with style, full-bodied, with strawberries, without cloying on the palate and easy to drink with a spectacular packaging a 1920's perfume bottle painted pink.

It was released on June 18, 2013.Qantima Group relies on the experience of its founder, since 1994 we have joined all these years of experience in the distribution, retail and marketing sectors, to a dynamic young team full of innovative ideas, committed to the values ??of our clients. Corporate social is immersed in everything we do, protecting the environment, as well as our commitment to recycling materials for the manufacture of our brands, following the strictest quality controls and standards.Qantima Group changed the concept of distribution and development of brands in 2012, we decided to change, to give rise to innovation and research in high value products, for the final consumer.

Qantima Group, since 2012 the distribution of the future, in our present. Specialized in product differentiation, development, production and marketing of Premium beverages and Gourmet products, we want to discover the exclusive side of life. Since 2012 we have selected the most exclusive brands in the world. " A Lifestyle of values, based on the experience of the product to the end consumer, Luxury Beverages Brands “

The world's first vodka filtered with carbon and vacuum packed, gluten free.
  • Brand name: 3 KILOS VODKA 999.9 SILVER
  • Sector: VODKA
  • Innovation Area
Terroir whiskey, in the purest style of great wines.
  • Brand name: Waterford Single Malt Ireland Whisky
  • Sector: WHISKEY
  • Innovation Area
Inspired by Prohibition
  • Brand name: Cosa Nostra Whisky
  • Sector: WHISKEY
  • Innovation Area
The Red Army Kalashnikov AK47 vodka is presented in a spectacular bottle.
  • Brand name: Red Army AK47 Kalashnikov Vodka
  • Sector: VODKA
  • Innovation Area
Piñap the new range of gluten-free liquors
  • Brand name: Piñap Licor
  • Innovation Area
Impressive collector's bottle
  • Brand name: Sangre De Vida Tequila
  • Innovation Area

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