Commerce, the Voice of Aviles. (section pantry) Flour to make Bechamel Gluten Free in a minute and cold

Last Thursday, 02/13/2020, we appeared in the La Alacena section, an article with the photograph of the product, mix Bechamel Instan Gluten Free, 240 g. where can you read: In the Super: Mix Bechamel in Cold and Gluten Free. If you want to try the impossible you have to do with this preparation for Bechamel Santa Rita, suitable for celiacs, allows you to make a remarkable bechamel without using the fire, cold with a surprising consistency. I had to try it to believe it, also available with mushroom (but it contains gluten) PVP. € 4.95 from Santa Rita.
We are a team of people who work every day researching in the world of Flours, a Humble Ingredient, which can help us to surprise with very original dishes, which allow us to play and be very creative in the stoves. Our goal is that Santa Rita, be the Brand of Flours, more recognized and innovative market. Prepared Flours for Cooking, Grated Breads, and all kinds of Aids to enjoy Cooking, together with exclusive packaging, the best packaging and the best presentation, that allow us to be in your kitchen and gain your confidence.Now with a new range of Food Solutions, such as making Croquettes & Bechamel, in less than two minutes, easy, fast and with the same flavor as always. Battered for Vegans, and people with an allergy to eggs and / or milk, with a clean, easy and fast label, do not miss the best and funniest dining experience, offered by Santa Rita.