Madrid Miel proveedor del Hotel RITZ MANDARIN

They say that Madrid is synonymous with life, luxury, business and experiences. And not only for your visitorscome from all over the world, but for any of its inhabitants. The atmosphere in the capital of Spainyou breathe around every corner and an exceptional witness to all this activity is - and has been throughoutits more than 110 years of history - the iconic Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel, Madrid; an establishmentwhich, after three years of renovations, on April 15 reopened its doors showing the fascinating andcareful new appearance with which it is called to become the most luxurious hotel in the city.The concept of the new hotel has one of its strong points in the kitchen. With the reopeninginaugurate five new and different gastronomic spaces -with the Deessa restaurant as a shipinsignia- which have been created, developed and directed by the three Michelin star chef QuiqueDacosta. Quique Dacosta himself, along with his great team of chefs led by RicardTobella, Head Chef of the gastronomic restaurant Deessa, and Juan Antonio Medina, Head Chef of the hotel,have been in charge of making a careful search for the products that make up the newand avant-garde culinary concept of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel, Madrid that has materialized ina selection of elements and ingredients of the highest supreme quality from the Madrid pantry.And among the selected products are the artisanal and natural honeys that it producesMADRID HONEY. The company of Castilian origin and for a few years settled in Madrid, is dedicatedexclusively to the beekeeping world for 5 generations and has in its honeys and products of thebeehive (jelly, pollen, propolis) its greatest exponents of culture linked 100% to worktranshumant pollinating the best natural parks in half of Spain with their bees.Undoubtedly, for MADRID MIEL in the words of its managing director, Iván del Río “it is enormous pridebe part of the project of one of the most relevant gastronomic hotels not only in Madridand Spain, but probably Europe today. Provide our best honeys to aA hotel as important as the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid means a challenge for uspassionate that leads us to carefully select our premium honeys so that eachdish, breakfast or brunch that make up its spectacular gastronomic offer, be it simply aExquisite experience for any of your guests. "

To know ourselves is to enter a universe of love for the natural environment and for beekeeping. Our company consists of a very long journey of more than a century in the sector that has led us to be considered one of the main companies in Spain of production, manufacturing, packaging of natural honey of our own harvest, following artisanal standards with the best quality Nowadays it can be found in the market, in any store where you can buy pure or organic honey.


We are beekeepers since 1860 and it shows in everything we do and the quality of our honey.