Madrid Miel has done it again

The annual LONDON HONEY AWARDS is the opportunity for honey producers, beekeepers and retailers to stand out in this sweet market.In the recently held 2021 edition, Madrid Miel has been awarded for two of its wonderful products:Platinum in the Quality Awards category for its Forest Honey, homegrown and limited production. This honey with a persistent flavor stands out for its dark color, coming from holm oak, oak, chestnut and pine honeydews from Castilla y León.Awarded as one of the 50 best honeys in the world, you can buy it in 1kg format. or 500 gr.Silver in the Quality Awards category for its Orange Blossom Honey. Its aroma and flavor recall the Valencian citrus fruits of its origin such as orange, lemon and mandarin tree. Its color between light amber and white - yellowish, changes depending on whether the honey is more liquid or crystallized.Get it in 1kg format. or 500 gr.Check here the results of Madrid Miel in the last edition of the London Honey Awards 2020.And the thing does not end here. The GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2021 held its seventeenth edition in the United Kingdom at the end of August, where 500 judges blindly tasted different artisan products of international origin, responding to a rigorous evaluation and accreditation system for food and beverages from around the world.Once again, Madrid Miel obtained two distinctions, this time with two stars for its Organic Chestnut Honey, its Organic Calluna Honey (rich in minerals, with a sweet taste with bitter and even salty notes) and its Lavender Honey (flavor with a bitter touch that is very relaxing in the mouth), these last two have previously been awarded for their extremely special quality and taste.They also received a star for their raw cream rosemary honey (balsamic and with a sweet and relaxing flavor) and their orange blossom honey, twice awarded in this 2021.

To know ourselves is to enter a universe of love for the natural environment and for beekeeping. Our company consists of a very long journey of more than a century in the sector that has led us to be considered one of the main companies in Spain of production, manufacturing, packaging of natural honey of our own harvest, following artisanal standards with the best quality Nowadays it can be found in the market, in any store where you can buy pure or organic honey.


We are beekeepers since 1860 and it shows in everything we do and the quality of our honey.