Cena Gala Benéfica en «Villa-Rosa» infancia sin fronteras

Last Wednesday, December 11, we collaborated with our honey the Solidarity Dinner of the NGO “Children without Borders”. Philanthropic event that was a resounding success of environment and benefits for a cause more than commendable. The organizer who has been working for tens of thousands of children in Central America and, for this occasion, the financing of a school was proposed Childhood in Nicaragua. To this end, numerous personalities and familiar faces of Madrid's social life were summoned, whose collaboration in the collection and sponsorship of the cause will serve to mitigate the educational needs of the most vulnerable.

To know ourselves is to enter a universe of love for the natural environment and for beekeeping. Our company consists of a very long journey of more than a century in the sector that has led us to be considered one of the main companies in Spain of production, manufacturing, packaging of natural honey of our own harvest, following artisanal standards with the best quality Nowadays it can be found in the market, in any store where you can buy pure or organic honey.


We are beekeepers since 1860 and it shows in everything we do and the quality of our honey.