Iberian Acorn ham 75 % iberian pigs D.O. Guijuelo

Produced with the Hind Leg of free range pigs of 160-180 kg, acorn exclusiveli fed during the montanera (When they are around 10 months old and weigh between 80 and 100 kg, they are taken to an area of pastureland, where they feed on grass, legumes and acorns. These pasturelands are sparsely wooded meadows typical of the western Iberian peninsula. This period, known as the montanera).

F.Hernández Jimenez e Hijos is a family company that has been entirely devoted to the elaboration of products that        come from Iberian swine for over 130 years.       Located in Guijuelo, the family`s 4th generation continues with the tradition of producing Hams and cold meats of       the greatest quality, following methods from years of experience.       The perfect climate of Guijuelo, located 1.000 meters above sea level, in the surroundings of the Gredos mountains,       offer us the perfect conditions, so that our products are cured in a slow and natural process thanks to the cold        climate. This traditional curing process is responsible for the great quality and exquisite flavours of our products,       which makes a great difference when compared to products from other regions.       Iberian products were traditionally made and distributed around the local regions. It wasn`t till the        year 1890 when the industry permanently settled in Guijuelo, with an annual production of around 400 animals.       This can be considered the beginning of the industry.       In 1950, modern facilities were built. Without losing tradition new technologies were applied to the sector       and a broader production began. With the recent incorporation of the 4th generation of the Hernández family a big       change has been made introducing new instalations with the necessary means to confront modern international needs        in the sector. The traditional trademark has been modernized doing away with the image of "the Guijuelo Tower"       and a new international phase has begun in which we have already succesfully shipped products to over 12 different        countries in Europe and elsewhere .

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