Automatic Fryer Without Fumes Simple Basket

 Machine deesigned for doing,with excellent quality,any fried hithout to need extraction hoods nor smells. This fryer supply great pro?tability. You not need have a system of extraction hoods nor instalation.
To fry freezing and fresh products, like potatoes, croquette, nuggets, precooked...
Its operation is with a sysmet of last generation, called cilonic, that extract smells, vapours and fumes and ?lter them.
This machine have a great production and this is perfect for place of fast food, casual dinning, restaurants, bar, catering, shopping center, supermarket, service station...
The tecnologic of last generation employee with a system of refrigeration and ?ltration by acceleration of air speed, makes it di?erent from everything on the market.

 Characteristics: • Made in Spain, paña, to built in stainless steel AISI 304. • Armored resistors of 3000 w or 5000 w depending on models. • System of refrigeration with gas 134 to free de CFS . Control digital of automatic defrost. • Filters easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. • Thermally insulated to save energy. • To have mesh ?lter at the entrance, for the elimination of grease. • And ?lter of active carbon for the air outlet and eliminate odors. • Easily removable ?lters for cleaning, as well as all parts of the fryer are removable for cleaning, even in the dishwasher. • Outlet to tray collecting residual water, grease and oil.

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