Pureza Expresiva Sherry tasting

Marcos Aguacil, winemaker at Bodegas Osborne, has prepared a very special tasting that he will present together with Rocío Osborne, member of the sixth generation and director of corporate communications. Under the title Cata Pureza Expresiva de Jerez, five iconic and outstanding wines of the centenary winery have been brought together to appreciate the nuances of the finos and the amontillados en rama, the "rarity" of the Indian soleras or the depth that the VORS confer to the long ageing of more than 30 years.

Coquinero Fino en Rama

La Honda Fino en Rama

La Honda Amontillado en Rama

Solera India, Medium, RARE

Venerable, PX, V.O.R.S

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