Cesal Gastronomía Social Stage

The NGO Cesal Gastronomía Solidaria, at the 3 edition, managed by Chema de Isidro, was founded with the aim of helping young people in risk of social exclusion to achieve integration through gastronomy. Its main objective is to provide opportunities through education and, above all affection, ensuring their inclusion within the working market. Students in each cycle accomplish a three months training period and two of internship in the different aspects of a restaurant, most of them obtain a steady job after graduation. Salón Gourmets supports this brilliant initiative with a show cooking space where top cooks elaborate their dishes in the funniest and most dynamic way, aided by the NGO students.

Activity program:

Monday 18: Solidarity Kitchens

Tribute to all the caterers who have helped during the pandemic with the preparation of the menus made during these months. There will also be a preview of samples of the snacks that will be prepared during the annual dinner Teinvitoacenar. Show cooking with supplier companies that gave flavor to the stews, along with the best sommeliers who will harmonize the tastings with the best wines.

10:45 Taberner and Chema Isidro

13:00 Luis Barrutia with Alex Marugan

15:00 Sergio Hernández and Roberto Hernández

17:00 Jesus Flores and Aránzazu Barrutia


Tuesday 19: Canada Day

12:00h Presentation of Canada Beef with Mazen Mahfouz, Commercial counsellor of the Embassy of Canada in Spain, Astrid Sveinsdottir, Asttra CEO with the collaboration of El Encinar de Humienta and Asttra.

13:00h Show Cooking Canada Beef with Joaquín Felipe (El Pardal).

14:30h Show Cooking Sea Products Charo Val (La Alacena del Gourmet).

16:30h Show Cooking with Julius Bienert (chef Canal Cocina).

17:00h Cocktails "Les Subversifs" with José Rivera, Creative Director y Fernando Balthazard, CEM and sommeliers Custodio Zamarra and Javier Gila.

Wednesday 20 : Navarra Reyno Gourmet

11:00 - 12:00h Idiazabal Cheese Tasting: Ana Belén González Pinos

12:30h - 13:15h Tribute to Pedro Larumbe

13:30h - 14:30h Wine Tasting: Garnachas in 3 colors with Pilar Rodríguez

15:30h - 16:30h Pacharán tasting: Carlos Moreno

17:00 h - 40 anniversary of the Roncal Cheese PDO, with Joanna Artieda

Thursday 21 New trends post COVID

11:00 Anticovidian recipes with: Juan Pozuelo and Sergio Fernández

13:00 Vegan recipes with: Rebeca Hernández and Anita Be Cool

15:00 Home Delivered Meals: Naumi Uemura and Jesus Almagro

17:00 End of Salón




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