Beer-Pouring - Master Edition / Estrella Galicia

Masters Edition brings together for the first time champions and finalists in a beer pouring championship that has never been held before. The best participants, who have already demonstrated their knowledge, skills and nerves in previous editions, will compete against each other this time to choose the Champion of Champions.

The winners of this edition were:

David Tena - champion

Daviana Martínez - second classified

Pilar García - Charlie Comedy in Béjar (Salamanca).

Gustavo Rey - O Encontro in Barrantes (Pontevedra).

Aarón Rodríguez, A Pracería in Laxe (A Coruña).


Jury 2021*:

Xabier Cubillo, Beer Culture Technician at Hijos de Rivera.

Carlos Ávila, Beer Culture Technician at Hijos de Rivera.

Fernando Iglesias, Beer Culture Responsible at Hijos de Rivera.

*subject to change

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