1 Fish Tunnel / MAPA

The space Spanish Food Universe created by the Ministry of Agriculture would not be complete without one of the main national products: the fish. One of the main novelties in the 34 edition of Salón Gourmets is the Fish Tunnel, the place to become familiar with the unbelievable variety the Spanish coasts offer, the inner work of fishermen, producers and distributors, as well as the challenges they face within an evolving industry. Experts responsible for the Tunnel inform visitors about the benefits of fish consumption and its different origins, completing the information given in presentations and show cookings conducted by renown cooks that enhance the possibilities and versatility of the product. The Fish Tunnel is possible thanks to the presence and support of: Cepesca, Fedepesca, Anfaco, Federación de Cofradías de Pescadores, Conxemar, Mexillon de Galicia, Apromar y Asociación de Armadores de Marín.


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