Riedel Winewings and SL Riedel Stemless Wings, a striking wine glass collection by Georg Riedel

Throughout his career, Georg Riedel has shaped many varietal cups. In the summer 2018, a client asked Riedel to create “the definitive cup” for Cabernet Sauvignon wines. This commission provided the necessary inspiration to create the new Riedel Winewings glasses model. Its design has a flat and stretched, wing-shaped base to increase the surface between the wine and the air, which increases evaporation levels and enhances the intensity of the aroma. With this design, when you bring your mouth to the glass, the nose is closer to the wine and is more exposed to aromas. However, this fact does not provide the right aromas for each grape variety. Therefore, in order to distinguish the different types of aromas that each grape provides, it has been necessary to bend the walls of the glasses and correctly calibrate the opening diameter of the calyx. The Riedel Winewings collection has seven different glass models: three for red wines, three for whites and one for champagne, cavas and sparkling wines.