Baker’s CollectionGood baking begins with just a few  honest ingredients, nothing could be simpler and yet nothing is more gratifying. 

The right combination of the best quality spices brings the flavor of a professional bakery to your home oven. 

Our Baker’s Collection of Saigon Cinnamon Blend,Pure Vanilla Powdered Sugar, All American Bagel Seasoning and Rustic Bread Spices is the secret ingredient to elevate your next bake.From Blondies with raspberries, Swedish kanelbullar,New York bagels or hearty whole grain bread loaves: taste the difference with spice blends that bring your baked goods to the next level.

The Epic Spice Company

Lovingly hand-blended rubs & seasonings of selected spices and herbs from all over the world. Our rubs & seasonings turn the cooking into a work of art.
No additives, unnecessary sugar or chemicals! Quite simply, all natural.

Our blends of seasonings and rubs are of the best quality on the market. We are a complete and full selection-supplier within spices. 
We have one of the market’s most high-end selection and supply of spices and blends for the client-segment foodservice and retail.
Most of our blends being unique, with carefully selected growers from all over the world.  

We supply high-end department stores, premium supermarkets, hospitality sector, hotel chains and Michelin star restaurants.  


For bulk or retail packaging, we offer the following services: 


Our development team can create new, customized products or recreate existing formulas. We source and supply materials or utilize those that you provide.   We design the packaging and labels and source the material for you. We are a full provider spice blend company and deliver a ready product from idea to shelf. 

We provide the same quality and great taste of our products for dozens of private label brands, including certified organic products.
We have the flexibility to fill orders in large or small batches.   

Some of our most popular items are the spice collections, which make wonderful gifts. Attractively packaged, these include sets of 3 or 6 tins reflecting different culinary themes.
Among them are spice collections from different countries, such as USA, India, and Morocco, and spices chosen for specific projects, like BBQ Mix or Mediterranean flavor alternative.
We make special seasonal gifts for holidays from around the world.

BULK for food industry
We develop and tailor seasonings and blends upon request for food processing industry in Bulk.
With our chefs team we develop ready recipes for restaurant chains and concept for food developing industry. 

EPIC SPICE transports the flavor of markets and bazaars from all the world’s kitchens.

EPIC SPICE is something out of the ordinary with our perfectly composed spice blends.