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creation of a new packaging line that will drastically reduce the use of plastic in the packaging of your products. It is a packaging based on paper, a totally natural and recyclable material. The new packaging, which will soon be both whole and sliced ??sausages and fresh meat, is being tailored to the needs of our company. It is a laminated paper wrapper that combines responsibly sourced paper with the important barrier functions of a flexible film that protects oxygen and aromas and facilitates the preservation of our products in optimum condition. All the paper that will be used in this new packaging is FSC © certified from responsibly managed forests and is composed only of 100% virgin fibers and does not contain mineral oils. These are totally innovative solutions that will allow the reduction of 80% of the plastic present in our current packaging. One more step in our company in the commitment to the conservation of the environment and sustainability that we started with our ecological agriculture and livestock project. Over the years we are incorporating more and more initiatives (use of clean energy, recycling rainwater ...) to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment, collaborating to the extent of our possibilities in the fight against change climate and environmental challenges we face while offering consumers quality sausages and meats that take care of their health and the planet.

We are a pioneer company in Spain with more than four generations dedicated to raising cattle, selling meat and making organic sausages.

All our products are 100% organic, natural and gluten-free (suitable for people with food allergies or intolerances to lactose and egg). In our farm "El Encinar de Ocón", located in the Ocón Valley (La Rioja - Spain), we raise our Duroc pigs in total freedom. Its almost 100 hectares of low forest are covered by a lush tree-lined oak and oak tree surrounded by a privileged environment, with a rich historical, cultural and archaeological heritage declared by UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Our products have ecological certification and are more natural and healthy. Without any artificial ingredients or additives they also have the total guarantee of being free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. They are meat and sausages with much more flavor and more authentic, since in their elaboration the times are respected and the process is not artificially accelerated, also ensuring the welfare of the animals.

We are what we eat!