Buying red prawn from Almería: a guaranteed success

This species, with the scientific name Aristeus antennatus, is a guaranteed success on any occasion. The red prawn is a common delicacy in Andalusian cuisine, and it is recognized in the rest of the world. However, there are some secrets regarding its preparation that, if not known, can spoil the final result. The first thing to know is that less is more. A product as tasty as this does not need much more than itself. It is true that one of the great friends of prawns is rice. But, you should know that if you are going to buy red shrimp from Almería, it is not necessary to think of any recipe prepared to get the most out of the flavor of this animal. It is enough to know how to cook it well to be able to serve it alone. We show you the two simplest and most common ways to cook red prawn. In the recipe book of any mother of the Andalusian coast there are two main variants for the preparation of prawns: there are the cooked prawns, and the grilled prawns. Mediterranean red prawns are raised shallower than those of the Atlantic, so their shells exhibit a more intense coloration than those of their oceanic relatives. This coloration can intensify after going through the iron.   Grilled red prawn To cook a grilled red prawn, all you have to do is do the following: Wash the prawns well with water, and let them dry on kitchen paper Lubricate the griddle or grill where you are going to cook the prawns with a little olive oil so that they do not stick to the surface, and add a handful of coarse salt on top When the grill is hot, make the prawns on both sides. A medium-sized shrimp takes about a minute to cook on each side, but a good sign that it's done is that the head is starting to leak fluid. When they are done, you can squeeze a lemon wedge on them (although if you buy them on our website you will not need more flavor than they already have).   Cooked red prawn Red prawn is one of those dangerous cooking that can make the product lose all its grace if certain steps are not followed. So that the prawns do not lose their point of salt or their smoothness, they must be cooked as follows: The prawns must be cooked in salty water so that they have all the flavor that they should have. The ideal is to use sea water, but if you do not live on the coast, you can also mix 35 grams of salt for each liter of water. Prepare a pot and a separate container. Pour the seawater into both, but add a generous handful of coarse salt to the pot, and add plenty of ice to the container. Bring the salted water from the pot to a boil. When it reaches the boiling point, add the prawns and lower the heat just enough so that it does not boil again. The idea here is that the prawn meat absorbs the flavor of the seawater without losing its texture or juiciness. Without touching the prawns too much, give the water some gentle spin with a wooden shovel. In about two minutes they should be ready. Now comes the secret: you have to cut the cooking so that the meat acquires that texture so characteristic of well-cooked red prawns. To achieve this, when you remove them from the pot, immediately pour them into the container of salted water with ice. Let them sit for a long time in the cold water (at least five minutes), then take them out and let them drain. Ready to serve!   Remember that you can buy red prawn from Almería directly through our website. All the products of our online fish shop go directly from the Almería fish market to your kitchen.
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