Best brand of ketchup in Spain

No es la salsa más distinguida de la cocina, pero el ketchup inunda incontables bocadillos con su sabor agridulce. El periodista y fan de las hamburguesas Òscar Broc cata a ciegas las marcas más populares y les pone nota.
In Cortijo de Sarteneja we produce sauces and organic jams. Our main
aim is satisfy the demand for quality products that, undoubtedly, are
still missing in the market.
Our wide range of products is available in different formats in a clean,
simple and impressive packaging at the same time, and our recipes,
containing only natural ingredients which are easily recognizable by the
consumer. Although our jams and gourmet sauces could be made at
home, Cortijo de Sarteneja produce these for you to enjoy throughout
the year.