Cómo se cultivan y fabrican las alcachofas en Caprichos del Paladar

Como se cultivan y fabrican las alcachofas en Caprichos del Paladar

Caprichos del Paladar maintains traditional flavors and textures in its gourmet vegetables over time. In our company, we maintain the Mediterranean culinary tradition in our preserves in an artisanal way, for more than twenty years, taking maximum care of the quality of our vegetables and the production processes. We are the only Spanish company that grows its vegetables in a traditional way.

We directly control our plantations, with the aim of respecting the environment, health and above all the quality of the product, preserving at all times a better flavor and maintaining the natural properties of vegetables, where the largest production is artichokes.

In fact, technological advances have been implemented in our production processes to maintain that original flavor and texture that characterize and make our vegetables unique, making it possible to be fit, label them Premium or gourmet.Our vegetables are increasingly valued, counting on loyalty, both by consumers, distributors, and great chefs.

Our long experience in the agricultural sector for more than two decades, has allowed us to rigorously take care of all our production processes, obtaining as a result the best artichokes on the international market, where the quality, texture and natural aromas are the most appreciated by the most demanding palates, in order to enjoy a more varied diet worthy of a true gourmet.

The development and growth of our company is also possible thanks to Caprichos' human team, of professional people, who integrate and commit every day to maintain the traditional, the artisanal and prioritize quality.