Awards obtained from our products

Last year and this year our products have won awards in different competitions in which we have participated.  In the images you can see the diplomas obtained.

These awards make us proud and ratify the quality that Bodegas Platé offers to its consumers.

In Bodegas Platé, we elaborate several novel and unique products in its category in an artisanal way. We made the first and only Canarian banana wine (PGI), various vinegar creams with different fruit pulp, banana, mango, blackberry, passion fruit and red peppers. We also make a banana sweet unique in the world, similar to quince jelly.

The last thing that we have launched to the market have been two frizzantes, product of the fermentation of bananas and fruit of the passion, and another of bananas and blackberries.

If you are passionate about offering novel and different products to your clients, you have found the company that can offer you that.

The most relevant markets are stores and restaurants who wants to offer new and different products. Like gourmet stores, and traditional or non-traditional restaurants, etc.