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ALLIOLI SIN HUEVO - Premio a la versatilidad otorgado por SalónGourmets 2021

Los premios a la Versatilidad por elaborar un Allioli para todo tipo de consumidores:

Intolerantes a la lactosa y al huevo.

Apto para veganos y celiacos.

Producto de cercanía KM0 y artesano DCA (Comunitat Valenciana)

Elaborado con ingredientes 100% naturales y sin conservantes.


Since 2007, our main objective has been and is to offer gourmet products of the highest quality with an unbeatable service. We have opted for the flavor and artisanal elaboration in front of the more industrial predominant food production. We carefully choose the ingredients and combine them harmoniously through an artisanal process. The result is products that stand out for their taste and quality.


Facilities and services ~ Tradition and avant-garde

Traditional know-how and the most avant-garde tools are the perfect pairing to make our products. Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced mechanisms to guarantee a more efficient production and service. We comply with all sanitary regulations in the production process to guarantee full safety.


Awards and mentions ~ Recognition of quality and effort

The awards and recognitions received during these years show us that we are doing things well. From Artesanos Gil we will continue working and betting on the quality of our products to guarantee our customers the most artisan flavor.

· PYME'11 Award from the Alto Palancia region: Award received for our Allioli sauce: «Packaging the true flavor of artisan garlic oil»

· Gold Medal of the National Committee of Radio Tourism 2013: Award received by Artesanos Gil "in recognition of their positive work in the hospitality sector.

· Innovative artisan product award «Allinegre»: Award received by our «Allinegre Artesano» as an innovative artisan product 2017.

· Finalist Best EVOO of the Comunidad Valenciana: Recognition received for our extra virgin olive oil «1960 Oro del Palancia» 2020/21 campaign.


Miguel Gil - CEO

"The passion for cooking and the recognition of our clients for our effort and dedication has made it possible for us to continue growing and developing new projects"


We produce high quality gourmet products in a traditional way and with the best ingredients. We have three ranges of products: artisan sauces, prepared meat dishes and extra virgin olive oil. The objective of Artesanos Gil is to offer our clients the best artisan flavor of characteristic products of our land.

· Excellent gourmet sauces to enjoy the authentic traditional artisan flavor. Do not forget to taste our «Artisan Allinegre», the traditional aioli with ajonegro, artisan products award of the Comunidad Valenciana 2017.

· Gourmet dishes ready to taste, made with high quality ingredients and with an excellent artisan flavor. We have a wide variety of pork, beef and chicken, in different formats and preparation to satisfy the most demanding palates.

· Extra virgin olive oil made with olives of the serrana variety, and at the point of veraison. The oil is extracted cold and through mechanical processes guaranteeing quality and flavor. Our EVOO «1960 Oro del Palancia», has been a finalist as the best extra virgin olive oil of the Comunidad Valenciana 2020/21.