Aguardientes CervatO disembarks in Switzerland

Aguardientes Cervato is present in Switzerland through Paladar Español, one of the largest importers of high quality Spanish products. They have a new store in Horgen, where you will be able to find high quality Spanish products (oils and vinegars, ham, sausages, cheeses, canned seafood, olives and pickles, rice, pasta, broths & sauces, spices, sweets, soft drinks, beers , wines, spirits, etc.)


Do you want to place an order? 76 562 24 48

8810 Horgen, Dorfplatz Nº 1 (Suiza)

Aguardientes CervatO is a family business located in Villardeciervos (Zamora) dedicated to the production of spirits, pomace creams and liqueurs. Since 1984, it has been distilled by hand in its copper alembic in order to obtain a fine and exquisite flavor worthy of the most demanding palates. Through the CervatO brand, the company has achieved that its products are distinguished by their quality and their characteristic natural flavor.


The tradition of a family distillery is not incompatible with innovation. In 2006, the second generation of the family took the reins of the company and bet on the creation of new products but always with the highest quality. Thanks to them, they manage to position the company as a benchmark in the alcoholic beverages market and obtain different awards in some of its references.