Since its inception, the company has been widely disseminated in the media, both regional, national and international, all due to the numerous awards received: In 2019 in Brussels we received the Rural Inspiration Award for the Improvement of Competitiveness from the European Commission delivered by the European Commissioner for Agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food awarded our project with the Excellence Award for Innovation in Agricultural Activity. The Junta de Castilla y León recognized us as the Best Rural Entrepreneurial Idea in the Rural Entrepreneurs Awards. And we also had the honor of collecting the RTVCYL Young Grooves Award. The so-called "Oscar del Campo".

Agroberry Original from Zamora is a young family business specialized in the production of blackberries grown organically in the open air. Located in a natural environment on the banks of the Esla in the province of Zamora, it was born by the conviction, which the third generation of a family of farmers has, to change the trend in the area.

The company produces these blackberries in the form of black pearls where it sells the fruit fresh in the season and frozen the rest of the year.

In addition, it has its own workshop where, outside of the season, it produces derived products with its own fruit: handmade jam and liquor.It also has the agritourism line where, in addition to explaining all this process, visitors can end up buying the products and learning about the family history in the specialized blackberry store that is next to the workshop.