Degustación Vodka Muà

Degustación Vodka Muà con tónica PINK by Swcheppes - Podrá adquirir una botella de Vodka Muà (Edición Feria Gourmet 2020) con estuche regalo y led rosada con tres posiciones de funcionamiento.

Vodka Muà is a craft-based vodka based on wine, naturally flavored and made according to the traditional method, from the best grape alcohol.

It is a 100% natural distillate whose characteristic flavor is obtained thanks to a complex and meticulous process of maceration of strawberries and wild berry fruits. All this allows to achieve its pleasant sweetness, without losing the essence of the best vodkas. The incorporation of a mixture of four natural sweeteners makes it a low-calorie vodka. The result is a silky, light, soft product with a delicious fruity taste, like the sweetest of kisses.

Vodka Muà has been developed in collaboration with Santamanía distillery, the first Spanish urban distillery, a pioneer in artisanal distillation. With them we share our love for things well done, attention to detail and the development of high quality products. Santamanía is, since 2015, Honorary Member of the prestigious American Destilling Institute, and has been awarded several times with the highest awards in the industry for the exquisite elaboration of its distillates.

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