• Exhibitor: VEGA DELGADO
  • Brand name: EL CAPRICHO
  • Sector: PASTA DURA
Pressed pasta cheese, made with raw sheep milk and a small percentage of raw goat milk, to get the characteristic nuances of this cheese. Matured in olive oil for more than 360 days, it is characteristic for its high intensity smell, evolved sheep's milk and ripe olives. Leather and spice notes on an oily background and with persistent spicy notes at the end.

LÁCTEAS DELGADO, S.L. It is a family business, dedicated for more than 50 years to livestock and agriculture, born the desire to reach the end of the production process. In its traditional manufacturing process we seek to combine current tastes and trends, enhancing flavors naturally.

We strive in every detail from the beginning with the development and quality feeding of our own animals, care and milking, always respecting animal welfare.The care, experience and professionalism of employees combine to obtain the level of quality that characterizes us.

One of the fundamental pillars of VEGA DELGADO is the figure of our master cheese maker, Don Manuel Quintana Hidalga, a true engine of the production area and with an experience in handmade cheese making for over 40 years. It transfers passion, patience and method to our products until we reach the levels of excellence that we pursue in our dairy company.

Of course, experience has taught us to appreciate and value the need for innovation. We have invested in the most advanced technological means and the high degree of qualification of our staff is our best asset.

Modernity and tradition put at the service of good work and, of course, your palate.

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