Pork belly cooked at low temperature

  • Exhibitor: VAC IN BAG
  • Brand name: VAC IN BAG

Ingredients: Pork belly, sunflower oil, salt, black pepper, thyme.


  • Unit weight: 400 gr.
  • Aprox.Quantity: 2 units per bag.
  • Sales format: 5 units per box.

Our products are designed as cooking solutions to expedite and simplify the work of professional kitchens. Our value is based on the developement of long and laborius cooking processes.

We apply vacuum cooking processes at controlled low temperature to get very tender and mellow textures, keeping the properties of the raw material and all its flavor.

Our products are designed to avoid wastes, there is no manipulation beyond regeneration and presentation. They have a yield of 100%.

We work with high quality raw materials and we source ourselves by confidence suppliers because we look for the best products for our preparations.

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