Iberian Cebo breed pork loin, salt, natural aroma, paprika, natural spices and natural cow tripe. 100%
natural ingredients. Without allergens .

Piece from Cebo breed Iberian pigs. Elaborated with the muscular package formed by the spinal and
semispinal muscles of the thorax, as well as the very long, lumbar and thoracic muscles of the pork,
salted, marinated and stuffed in tripe, which has passed an adequate process of curing-maturing a
longer time to 70 days.

Formats: whole piece, halves, machine sliced.

Simón Martín Guijuelo SL is a family business dedicated, for over 100 years and four generations, to the production of Iberian hams and sausages that have won numerous national and international awards. All the products of this industry from Guijuelo are 100% natural (without artificial E's) in a clear commitment to the elaboration of healthy products.

Each Simón Martín Guijuelo SL ham is treated only with a combination of sea salts, while each sausage is made only with natural ingredients. These products follow a healthy and handmade process combined with the most advanced technology, which guarantees the highest quality standards.

From 1907 until today, it has undergone a great transformation to become a company that guarantees the closed circle of production of its hams and sausages, with total control over their traceability. This form of management allows them to guarantee the quality of their products at all times: from feeding the pigs on their own farms and dehesas, to marketing their 100% natural hams and sausages, free of preservatives, artificial additives, gluten and lactose.

Simón Martín Guijuelo SL is in full expansion being already present in more than 20 countries around the world, with export figures of 40% of its total production.

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