We are a company located in Sierra de Aracena Natural Park that elaborate iberico products (jamón, paleta and sausages). Furthermore, we have created a new line of pre-prepared convenience food based on ibérico meats. Our raw material comes from our 100% ibérico de bellota pigs, feeded in free range in our dehesa farms, located in Huelva, Sevilla and Badajoz. Therefore, we can guarantee not only the racial purity but also the true feeding based on acorns and herbs during the montanera season. Our production is extrictly limitated to the number of pigs that we can feed during the montanera season and consequently achieving not only a high quality but also a high uniformity in all our products.
Bellota 100% Ibérico chorizo (sausage) "Vicenta recipe"
  • Brand name: Quintasenda Ibéricos
  • Sector: CHORIZO
  • New

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